Helen Foster-Turner


Helen is a Senior Art Clay Instructor and holds the MCSJ Higher Diploma in silver clay.  She runs London Metal Clay jewellery school in Harrow in North West London where she teaches people how to make their own beautiful jewellery.   She is also a visiting tutor and loves to share her excitement about the possibilities of metal clays in the making of extraordinary jewellery.


Helen's jewellery is influenced by ancient and tribal cultures, the natural world in its many glorious forms and the odd bit of science fiction, fantasy, myth and legend for good measure. 


Helen's jewellery can be found under the label Aytch (as in 'H') where she works mostly in silver using traditional jewellery making techniques as well as the fabulous silver clay which gives extra dimension to her often intricate work.  



Helen takes commissions for a wide range of silver jewellery including cufflinks, pendants, rings, bracelets and more.  She also provides bespoke bridal jewellery, wedding rings and and range of gift options for the wedding party.




Jackie Burns


Jackie is all about colour.  Also texture and shape, and let’s not forget about unique, but above all colour rules.


Jackie designs and makes all of her jewellery, using only high quality beads and components from well known national and international companies (such as Miyuki, Toho, Czech Beads, Swarovski).  She also creates many of her own glass beads, (something she loves doing), specialising in drop glass beads which she uses in her earrings and baroque style focal beads.


Whilst she creates jewellery in sets,  or styles, every single piece will be different...unique...one-off...in some way or another, so you can be sure that you will not be seeing anyone else wearing exactly the same piece. 



Jackie can make jewellery to order, particularly for bridal and bridesmaid suites, colour matching to specific outfits or occasions.  I also specialise in making non-metal necklaces, bracelets, and rings for individuals who have metal allergies.

Maxine Taylor


London based designer and silversmith Maxine Taylor is the face behind the Aluna Jewellery and MyandMe Jewellery labels.

Maxine has always taken a lot of her artistic inspiration from pattern and geometry aswell as being greatly influenced by ancient symbolism and ornament. When she began working with precious metals she soon came to realise that she had found the ideal medium for her artwork. 

Maxine takes a lot of pleasure in turning her designs into what she refers to as "wearable artworks". Her young daughter likes to draw alongside her while she is designing and it was this that sparked the idea for her newest line MyandMe Jewellery. Maxine decided to turn one of her daughter's doodles into a pendant design and thus the idea to create personalised jewellery keepsakes from children's artwork was born.


Maxine is particularly interested in providing personalised jewellery, the MyandMe Jewellery line in particular is entirely commision based.

She also takes commisions for necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and brooches.