OK, so that's a weird name right but it kind of fits so here it is.  It's a medium sized ring made with a koi and zen inspired texture plate.  The rich detail has been picked out with a deep patina and the 'fat square' top is set with a real fresh water pearl in peacock (shown) or white/cream.


It's a beauty and quietly individual.  As they are handmade of course, no two are identical, but I work hard to get the pattern on the top to look as good as possible and the heavily textured shank is always carefully selected to show for best effect.


This ring may or may not have to be hallmarked.  If so, delivery can take up to three weeks longer than usual*.


Materials: Sterling silver and freshwater pearl

Size: Band diameter approx 6mm-7.5mm, setting size approx 12mm square

Hallmark: Full assay marks or 925.  *Please note that larger rings may legally require full hallmarking through the assay office as they may weigh more than the maximum silver weight limit for non assayed items.


The Square Koi Ring